Together For Sheffield have been working to collaborate with business, faith groups and civic leadership across Sheffield to create impactful and transformative projects.

Since the Faith Action Audit in Sheffield we have been reflecting on the outcomes and suggestions and liaising with local agencies. The biggest concern across the city by far has been in relation to Universal Credit. We want to invite you to be part of the solution.

The event is taking place on Monday November 5th at 9.15am, when we will be following on from the successful launch of the Sheffield Faith Action Audit (as reported by BBC radio, Sheffield Star and Sheffield Telegraph). This is a significant event which aims to continue the ongoing process of collaboration and shared projects for our city.

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The good news is we want to do even more and believe this can best be achieved by building on the existing strong foundations, developing greater collaboration and partnership between faith, business and civic leadership.

Due to the interest in this event, spaces are limited so please RSVP to or simply reply to this email as soon as possible and if you are unable to attend let us know who your representative will be. We anticipate contribution to this event, where there will be space for reflection, planning and discussion. Breakfast butties and pastries will be available from 8.30am when doors open.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Ben Woollard
Together for Sheffield