City Vision conducted a quick straw poll of delegates at the European Leaders Advance, (ELA) Conference run by Bethel Ministries in 2017 in an attempt to take a snapshot of the spiritual temperature in cities across the UK. Specifically, we were looking to identify signs of unity across the churches of a city and whether marketplace ministries are active in cities. Here's the results:

Q1: How much do you believe God has a unique vision for your town or city.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 67% of respondents confirmed that they believe God does have a unique vision for their town or city.

Q2: How would you rate the level of spiritual unity between the churches in your city?

On a scale of 1 to 10, no respondents gave a 10. 17% said 8; 21% said 7; 7% said 6; 7% said 5; 17% said 4; 17% said 3; 3.5% said 2 

Q3: Is there a team currently working across churches in your town or city to foster unity? 1=No, 2=Not sure, 3=Yes

60% =YES; 10%=NO; 25%=NOT SURE

Q4: Does your church leadership actively encourage ministry to the marketplace?
1= definitely NO; 10=definitely YES

25% definitely YES; 7% said 9; 17% said 8; 7% said 7; 7% said 6; 3% said 5; 3% said 4; 7% said 3; 3% said 2; 7% said Definitely NO