The City Vision team were privileged to be invited to the beautiful city of Hereford to share the City Vision story and individual testimonies from the team. We had an inspiring time meeting some amazing people and seeing what God has been doing in Hereford!

We met together to worship, share testimonies and pray with some of Hereford’s young adults who are from various churches but have the same heart for Jesus and their City!

The next day we met with christian leaders from the city to share our vision and story. The whole CV team felt an incredible unity in the room between the leaders as they met and shared together, displaying a unified love for one another and for the city of Hereford.

Tony, Jonathan, Ben, Naz, Charis

Tony, Jonathan, Ben, Naz, Charis

Our host Jonathan Rendall wrote the following about our trip:

‘This last 24 hours we have experienced a unity and love in the Spirit that is releasing a fresh revelation of the Kingdom, an impartation of the message of Jesus for the transformation of our City of Hereford.

Tony, Ben, Naz and Charis: we honour and thank you. Your partnership with us and your servant hearts are releasing dreams for the City; your passion and your experience are sparking imaginations and equipping us in the exploration of God’s big picture for our City.

An evening with the Young Adults where Naz and Charis shared their testimonies so powerfully, followed by inspiring talks from Ben and Tony ignited by worship in the Spirit on Monday evening.

Then today, Tuesday, some 30 Church leaders came together for the day with the CV team: a great day! We were given excellence in the presentations and challenges by Tony and Ben releasing encouragement and challenge, vision and momentum as we seek for the discipling of our City and Kingdom come here.

The Presence of Jesus has been tangible these last 24 hours here in Hereford. We listened to God, we learned, we shared and we were so richly blessed. Thank you City Vision Team: we honour you and your hearts for transformation.


A fire has been ignited in our hearts by the Spirit .... be blessed Team as together we rejoice in God’s Love Grace Mercy and Goodness following the your meetings in Hereford .... I am deeply moved in heart and spirit but for now, simply, a huge “thank you”. ‘

Thank you Jonathan for being such a welcoming host!

And last but certainly not least the lovely house of restoration, ‘Apples of Silver’ definitely deserves a mention!

Thank you to Val and Mark for being such wonderful and accommodating hosts! We were extremely blessed to stay at your place and we felt the undeniable peace and presence of God there. I don’t doubt that you’ll see some of us again one day knocking at the door!

Naz, Val (Apples of Silver), Charis

Naz, Val (Apples of Silver), Charis