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Tim Coleman
Communications Director

My name’s Tim Coleman. I’m a creative and innovative leader and communications professional. I have 28 years of experience in broadcast journalism, project management, PR agency, marketing and multi-media production. I’m passionate about using media as a catalyst for positively changed lives and for the introduction to Jesus.
I cut my teeth with The Archers on BBC Radio 4, before a range of BBC Radio 4 shows including Just a Minute, Sorry I Haven’t a Clue and Farming Today and with experience on Radio 5 Live, The World Service and BBC Local Radio. 

I'm currently Communications Director for City Vision and also sit on the board of the city transformation group in Coventry called Hope Coventry.

I’m the founder of CWMC Ltd, which currently holds the license to run Radio Plus 101.5FM in Coventry, a community radio station within a community media hub that includes music production, film and graphic design agencies.

I'm married to Jackie. I enjoy playing squash and badminton and Jackie and I swim together. I play the violin and also enjoy travelling.