Our vision is to support and facilitate city transformation, holistically for God’s glory by bringing leaders together across the business, church, civic and para-church arenas.

  • City Vision believes that while churches can address church sized challenges, it takes unity within the wider body to address city sized challenges.

  • City Vision serves to provide processes and resources for Christian leaders in business, church, para-church and government organisations, who wish to see God’s Kingdom impact their city.

  • City Vision serves leaders of peace in ways designed to foster unity, discover God's vision and respond accordingly.

  • City Vision provides processes that help leaders unite for city transformation just as Alpha (created by Nicky Gumble and run by Alpha International) provides a process to helps individuals find Christ.

  • City Vision is a growing national / international network of those who recognise the special needs of cities seeing them within the larger framework of national transformation.

At the heart of this mission will be a collective of City Hubs; small groups of individuals who have an anointing for leadership and influence within business, church, government and para-church who feel called upon to utilise their skills for the well-being of their city.

Initiatives will be established for; the creation and distribution of wealth in the city, mentoring of young people in business, helping those in church to think about business in a Christian way, advising and supporting Christians in business.

City Hubs will work together and provide mutual support, shared experiences and encouragement. Crucially, we want to see genuine relationships built. Through consultation we will provide a suite of processes, tools and resources, networking and a communication infrastructure.

City Vision aspires to see 50 City Hubs established in the 50 largest UK cities and towns by 2020.


Vision Led

We believe that God has a unique, albeit unknown but pre-existing, vision for each city. He knows however what each would be like if His Kingdom were to be fully established. We believe he will reveal His vision line upon line, precept upon precept as we respond fully to what He says in 2 Chronicles 7:14.


Process Driven

Our God is a God of process as well as an instantaneous event. We believe there are transformational processes which, when lived out, enable us to serve Him as co-labourers and thus see His Kingdom come.


Relationship Based

Jesus showed us that right relationships are at the heart of Kingdom living and our Christian faith. These do not happen by chance. At City Vision we believe it is vital to build the kind of relationships Jesus demonstrated and taught.